hidden track

歌词:一首歌唱尽一生的“Hidden Track”

“Hidden Track”是北京五人摇滚乐团pentatonic最新单曲,关于失落者的安静歌唱:所有少年热血,都难以抵挡久历世事的伤害。这是平凡时代的平凡者轨迹,有时候,这些平凡者也被称为卢瑟,或者屌丝。可是,这才是最真实的生活。


He was a boy of 25
Who has a pair of blue eyes
He’s been addicted to the Sariden
Kept a little dog with white spot
With white spot
With white spot

Once he was in love with a pretty girl
Who had a long long hair and soft vox
There was happiness there was love
But finally she left,without a word

Now he is the man of 35
Who has a long long hair and blue eyes
He’s been working in a new small corp
Kept long long hair like a lovely cob
He paints niceness,he paints sore
Cooks in the kitchen,seldom watch TV
Wakes in the morning and song bird sings
Sometimes heart is hurt,but he got used to be

That is what life is,always like this
and this what he is,now


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